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Hey, It's Mark (Ah-Mel-See)

Dream a Little Dream, But Live a Big Life.

Oh man, do I love life. (and Chocolate)


Five daughters, Yep you read that right, FIVE.

My wife, Sherri, thinks I have age activated ADD.

(I say I just try and do too much. Five girls will cause that.)


Weddings are about people.


Did I mention that I like, no wait, love Chocolate.

Ah, SiFi, I can't get enough.

My youngest likes to say, "You make my heart happy."

(They all make my heart happy.)


I grew up in a town (Calumet City, Illinois) with corner Dime Stores,

where you could buy candy for pennies.

Yep, I'll admit it, I delivered morning papers and shined shoes

(on weekend afternoons).

(Do they still shine shoes at those Bars in good ole Cal City?)


The night I met my wife, I was too shy to ask her for a phone number.

(I found her a few days later. No, I didn't stalk.)

Did I mention I love Chocolate?


Shot my first wedding, um, let's just say it was more then 25 years ago.


It gets better, MY WIFE LOVES SiFi too.

Yes, I'll go see a Romantic movie. I cried watching the Notebook.

There, I said it. (Well wrote it.) You can't beat Sleepless in Seattle.


I'm a Camera Geek and Computer Geek.

Photo Shop and other Graphic Art Progams are a language that

take time, vision and experience to use correctly. (No, I will never be a master.)


I love people.

I know I talk a lot. But I listen well too.


OK, so I look like Rambo with all the gear when taking images at a wedding.

You can laugh at me, I can take it.


People in love make me smile.

It's true. Really it is true.



Embrace the now, for now will never come again. It is the Moment.


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