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Hey, It's Mark (Ah-Mel-See)

Dream a Little Dream, But Live a Big Life.

Oh man, do I love life. (and Chocolate)


Five daughters, Yep you read that right, FIVE.

One grows a little bit each day, especially with that many daughters.

(Life's experiences puts us in the right place at the right moments to capture
the pure emotion in images.)


Weddings are about people.


Did I mention that I like, no wait, love Chocolate.

Ah, Sci-Fi, I can't get enough.

My youngest likes to say, "You make my heart happy."

(They all make my heart happy.)


Sherri & I both use Modern and Classical approaches to our photography.
This allows us to create Timeless images. Whether it be beautiful moments
captured or Beautiful Portraits to Hang on Walls for years to come. 


The night I met my wife, I was too shy to ask her for a phone number.

(I found her a few days later. No, I didn't stalk.)

Did I mention I love Chocolate?


Shot my first wedding, um, let's just say it was more then 25 years ago.


It gets better, MY WIFE LOVES Sci-Fi as well.

Yes, I'll go see a Romantic movie. I cried watching the Notebook.

There, I said it. (Well wrote it.) You can't beat Sleepless in Seattle.


I'm a Camera Geek and Computer Geek.

Photo Shop and other Graphic Art Progams are a language that

take time, vision and experience to use correctly. (No, I will never be a master.)


I love people.

I know I talk a lot. But I listen well too.


OK, so I'm a little Tall, I've learned that is a big advantage when taking images at a wedding.

You can laugh at me, I can take it.


People in love make me smile.

It's true. Really it is true.



Embrace the now, for now will never come again. It is the Moment.


Send me an e-mail if you like what you are seeing.