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Sunday, May 17, 2015
By Mark Amelse
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I keep stating I'm gonna Blog more, and I do less and less. Truth is I actually love writing but I also love taking photographs and editing these images even more.

So, Where have I been? Well, that's a loaded question. Maybe I should start with all these wonderful images I have created as part of Amelse Photography Wedding Photographer. Wedding photography in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding Region is surely something to behold. The people here, have one big thing in common, they L O V E to have a great time at weddings. In Northwest Indiana we consider ourselves Blue Collar Workers who make a hard honest living. We cherish Family & Friends in a close in manner. We don't mind letting people see our joy and fun. For myself, there is no Region throughout the World that I could see myself finding images like the ones I like to create.

So let's give you the beginning in earnest of our 2015 Wedding schedule along with a few Engagement Sessions and One Marriage Proposal.

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