Save the Date Cards 2015
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
By Mark Amelse
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Thankfully I have been around Graphic Art in Photography back even before Computers took over. (I once had a job, painting Prints with Dyes, removing Glare in Glasses and Blemishes in Wall Portraits. This was in the early 80s well before anyone ever heard of PhotoShop.)
I started with Graphic Art Software on Home PCs with their first incarnations. I love using these tools to show off these wonderful couples that have faith in me to design them a Save the Date Card that is uniquely them.
So here are some samples from this past year leading up into 2016. All of these Cards are 2 sided, with the second side a Nice Simple Colorful Portrait.

This next one for Abbey & Brett is actually both sides. Just a little play on words they requested.

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