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Saturday, November 29, 2014
By Mark Amelse
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One of my favorite images at weddings, when I get a chance to take it, is the Large Group of as many of the Guest as I can get. I use my big mouth and my height to get this image. 9just ask any of my past couples. LOL) I try and not let any of them run out by reminding them that the reason they are all here is the Love of this couple for them. I always get the few guest that try and duck out, but I corral them into the image when I can.
This is an old tradition. In the past (and I managed in one of these images.) the Priest/Minister would be right up front with the couple. Old tradition never die out, they just get re-invented by some crazy photographer.

I realize that these images are never really going to be the most artistic wedding day images. Most I find the Widest Angle Lens I can. (Nope those guest are not sneaking out by hanging at the edges. LOL) But what they are, is memory frozen in time. To forever move once more when viewed. Part of the joy of being a Wedding Day Photographer.

(I know I missed a bunch. Please forgive me if I missed yours. So many to find  in the archives.)

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