Chicago Sunrise Engagement Session
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018
By Mark Amelse
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The alarm buzzes. It buzzes again, and again. Are you kidding me it's 3:30AM? In my 20s, I was just heading home at this time. Who's bright idea was it to get portraits at Sunrise in Chicago along the shores of Lake Michigan? Oh wait, that was me. LOL You see, I recommend this for so many reasons. 1) If we keep an eye on the weather we can possibly chase down a gorgeous Sunrise over the Lake, 2) We start so early on a weekday that we beat traffic and tourist, 3) Parking is less expensive at some spots and easy to find at that hour. and 4) We are all done and you all still have time to get breakfast. Win, Win, Win.
Kelsey & Edgar brought a few changes of cloths, (Wow those dresses. Not you Edgar, Kelsey. LOL) and we had time to hit up some major sites. (Darn, the Art Institute Garden was locked up. Oh well, we found other locations just fine. So much to photograph Downtown Chicago.) I do bring some tools with me to bring out the Vivid Sharp Colors we at Amelse Photography are known for. And that is why, when someone is looking for images like these, they should contact Amelse Photography. We love Color.
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